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Audi TDI® Clean Diesel

Getting more from less. Audi pioneered TDI® clean diesel engines to deliver more torque, lower fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, compared to equivalent gasoline engines. The result of this revolutionary engineering delivers remarkable performance, while achieving increased fuel economy.

A cleaner future

Is beginning now.

With the TDI® clean diesel, Audi is pioneering the way for the vehicles and fuels of tomorrow. 12% lower CO2 emissions than gasoline, TDI® is kind to the planet and has superior fuel efficiency combined with more torque and quick acceleration. An unbeatable combination.*

Intelligent performance

Efficiency shouldn't feel this powerful.

Audi TDI® clean diesel technology is packed with low-end torque, giving you incredible acceleration and passing power. So even though you feel the power kick in at higher speeds, the ingenious TDI® engine helps reduce fuel consumption.

There's more to a drop

Fuel density is fuel destiny.

With astonishing benefits, TDI® exploits fuel, ensuring you get more from each drop. Each contains 15% more energy than gasoline, translating to 30% better fuel economy and 20% fewer trips to the pump. That's time you get back to experience all of life's little luxuries.

Take back the horizon

Easy, with more than 650 miles per tank.

With more than 650 miles per tank, Audi TDI® clean diesel takes you farther than ever before. Drive from New York to Chicago or Dallas to Atlanta, it's all possible on one tank. Going farther has never been more elegant. So you can enjoy driving for 12 hours—on one tank.

2014 TDI® model lineup

With everything TDI® clean diesel has to offer, it's no wonder it's the intelligent choice. It starts with incredible performance, efficiency and a range second to none. It also turns out it could make the world a cleaner place—by cutting emissions by 12%.

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*Always obey local speed and traffic laws.